Wrapping technology perfectly around your business

Once signing on the dotted line, the majority of IT providers simply ignore you until something breaks and you’re forced to contact them. That’s not us.

To address the challenges and ambitions of your business, whether that’s delivering better customer service, improving staff performance or driving profit – technology can be tailored to help along every step of the way.

In our mission to ensure that technology works hard in helping you achieve these goals, we proudly take a dynamic approach as your business-first IT partner – working closely with you to develop a deep understanding of your company’s internal process workflow, culture and compliance obligations, all to ensure we offer you just what you need—nothing more, nothing less.

We believe in fine tuning technology as the catalyst for your success. We do this by looking to your future and keeping your best interest in mind.

No surprises with our fixed-cost approach

Besides having your IT structured efficiently, often with the same tools and level of protection as a Fortune 500 company, you’ll be able to plan financially with our fixed-cost approach.

Being let down by your current IT Support provider?

Feeling disconnected?

Does your current IT provider fail to truly understand your business and how to help you best leverage technology?

Held back by spiraling costs?

Are you finding hidden costs each month for support or services that you weren’t even notified about?

Slow Responses?

Are you sending in support requests only to be left high and dry for hours, if not days?

Lost in the jargon?

Do they lack in providing you with the education and guidance that you need in plain English?

How we can help you solve these challenges.

Industry Experts

As commercially-aware technologists, we put your business first and tailor technology to fit.


We’re upfront with every cost – using affordable and manageable solutions catered to your business.

Instant Response

We take all of our support requests seriously – we take pride in helping and delivering the right solution.

Plain & Simple

We don’t like to confuse things – we talk to our clients in a language that makes sense – simple English.

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Frequently Asked Managed IT Questions

Managed IT service means that a company, known as a managed services provider (MSP), will setup, manage, and monitor your entire business technology infrastructure. This includes hardware maintenance, software updates, and monitoring of all systems to ensure they’re working properly.

MSPs will generally tailor their support to each business’ needs. You may only use them for IT support and maintenance, or you may use their services for additional things. For instance, your VoIP and telecom systems, data backup and disaster recovery solutions, and cloud services.

With managed services, you don’t have to worry about hiring someone full-time or spending hours watching over everything yourself.

We’d love to give you an easy answer, but the truth is it’s different for each business. Cost is determined by things like how many people work at your company, how many devices (computers, phones, printers, tablets, etc.) you have or want, whether any equipment needs to be upgraded, how intricate your network and office setup is, how many locations your business has, the programs you use, the level of support needed, and many other factors that make each partnership different.

We tailor our solutions to the unique needs of your business. We aren’t a one-size-fits-all shop like many other managed service providers.

If you want to learn more about the different factors that affect pricing and what to expect when shopping providers, check out our blog post: What Do Managed IT Services Cost?

Your monthly cost could range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. We price our services per user covered, and this cost generally falls between $150-250/user. Unfortunately, we can’t give a more accurate answer than this until we get to know your company and its needs through a consultation!

If you are a small business owner who doesn’t have the time or money to hire someone in-house to take care of your technology needs then these services might be perfect for you.

While some businesses may initially be turned off by a monthly recurring cost, it’s much easier for most to have one predictable expense. This allows for easy budgeting and avoiding unexpected bills. A manager who prefers to concentrate on more important things will appreciate getting one monthly bill rather than having to manage a budget for salaries, hardware expenses, tools and software, network management, etc.

Managed services can also help businesses scale up quickly without having to invest in additional hardware or employees.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your network is monitored 24/7 and everything has been taken care of so there’s less work and worry on your end.

Managed IT support makes sense for companies that rely on their technology to operate, are in (or want to be in) high-growth mode, don’t want to manage their own internal IT staff, or want to augment their current in-house IT team.

Managed IT solutions are a good option if you don’t have the time or expertise to manage your own hardware, software updates, and other aspects of day-to-day operations. By outsourcing these needs, you will save money on hiring an internal staff member and won’t need to worry about updating all those necessary items yourself. The end result should be more free time for employees as well as better quality work from them when they aren’t overloaded with extra tasks outside their expertise.

The biggest benefits companies enjoy at a glance are:

  • Predictable and scalable technology spend
    Better security
    Faster response and resolution time for IT issues
    Better ROI and value
    Increased productivity and efficiency
    Simplifying your digital transformation
    Reliable systems and devices
    Access to a full team of IT and business experts
    Project management and strategic planning

This can vary based on your needs, budget, and provider. Most business IT managed service plans will include all or a mix of these services:

  • 24/7/365 remote monitoring and management
  • Helpdesk services to solve user issues and offer IT support
  • Data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity planning and management
  • Software updates, patches, and upgrades
  • Comprehensive, next-gen cybersecurity
  • Asset tracking and management
  • Business forecasting, future planning, and purchasing assistance
  • Service level agreement details

Managed IT support can still be a great option for companies that already have some internal IT help. This is known as hybrid or co-managed IT.

Companies may want to take advantage of this setup to give their internal person or team some extra support. You can avoid having to deal with hiring additional people.

If the internal IT team wants to complete a project, a managed service provider can help it go much faster and smoother. If your business has needs or goals that are outside the expertise of an internal IT person, the MSP can step in and take over.

Or, maybe you’d prefer your internal person to focus on high-level, strategic company goals. A managed IT service provider can take the burden of everyday needs and troubleshooting off their plate.


Our calls, emails, and texts are always responded to in a timely manner and answered with professionalism across the board, from the President of the company to the part-time employee.

Lisa Loge, Tapestry Management


Our calls, emails, and texts are always responded to in a timely manner and answered with professionalism across the board, from the President of the company to the part-time employee.

Lisa Loge, Tapestry Management

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